Innovation is often the name of the game. Jeyaishwari RC Nadar, who teaches Maths to Class 5 and Class 6 children in a Mumbai school, uses a transparent tray from her refrigerator as her mobile stand when she conducts classes. She said about 10-15 students in her class are not able to attend online sessions.

Jeyaishwari opened up about the challenges that led her to this innovation. It is difficult even for those who are able to attend because Maths particularly requires one-on-one interaction with students for better understanding, she said. Being a Maths teacher “ I felt the need of a board to teach my students so that they can see what I write while speaking. Amid the lockdown, I started looking for a transparent material in my house and that's when I thought of using the refrigerator tray.” The refrigerator tray makes it easy for her to broadcast notes to the students as she writes. Jeyaishwari says that ever since the pandemic started, teachers in her school have been taking 50% salary cut. But this hasn't affected their efficiency or dedication to teach students. She along with other teachers of her school have been taking online classes since 25th June.In fact, she takes pride in her profession.

When asked if she wants to continue with online classes despite all the challenges, she said: “We are doing it for the sake of students. We want to take online classes so that students do not have to leave their education, otherwise they will forget everything.”

As of now, 50 out of 60 of her students are attending online classes daily. Others show disinterest and cite lack of resources to explain their inability to attend classes. An alumni of the same school, Jeyaishwari, has been teaching here for the last 4 years. And while the internet is talking about her and praising her efforts and innovation, she says “It’s a small thing I did”.

Hazel Ricky
Content Marketing Associate
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