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Shubhangi Khedekar

Astrology Trainer

EdisonOS platform is very easy to
handle & much beneficial for teachers
while better understanding my student.

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Arpit Kothari

Head Of Marketing

EdisonOS is the best platform for the
publication of courses and good
facilities for learners & admins.


Bhushan Shinde

Teacher, Mentor

The primary reason we chose EdisonOS
over others Is for their interactive
learning tools.

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Champ For Life leverages
online education to create
the next generation of athletes

Indrajit Bhalotia
Director & Founder
Customer page CC-8

Go past

Sharpening the skills and shaping the attitude of Sales Professionals through training, coaching and consulting

Customer page CC- 31

Aapka University

APKA University utilises resources to educate their employees on animal husbandry.

Customer page CC-14


Yzerly Offers various communication trainings and business skills to top companies.

Customer page CC-28


Comprehensive healthcare support services that include medical coding,and healthcare revenue cycle consulting.

Customer page CC-18

Node JS Academy

Nurtures confident developers with self- paced courses, online and offline bootcamps with field experts shaping learners

Customer page CC-16

ExcelR solutions

Provide best in class training across Agile,Project Management, IT- Service Management & Quality Assurance spaces

Customer page CC-30


Uschool is helping their students to gain knowledge on life situations and
management skills.

Customer page CC-6

Digital Academy 360

Focuses on the training of Digital Marketing from basic to advance level.

Customer page CC-3

AiMl Analytics

Offers industry based courses such as Python, data science, Machine learning, etc.

Customer page CC-13

Bharti Institute

Bharti Share Market Institute is pioneer in. Share market and Investment Education providing financial literacy to the masses.

Customer page CC-11


Dev Ops Job training with full-fledged live session in simulating environments.

Customer page CC-19


Helps ambitious entrepreneurs chartout their scaling journey.

Customer page CC-15


Training the employees and nurturing their skills in data management

Customer page CC-12


Excelling Data Analytics skills of job seekers to take a leap in their career

Customer page CC-29


SatNpaper is a premium online platform for Indian students aspiring for undergraduate
admissions to US colleges.

Customer page CC-3

Academia Torah

Empowering individuals to achieve desired scores in IELTS with their learning solutions

Customer page CC-15


My2tor provides personalized and affordable online tutoring services for high school and college students in various subjects, including test preparation for the SAT and ACT.

Customer page CC-18

IVY Course

An educational platform for preparing for the SAT Digital – IVYCOURSE.KZ, in which we have included everything for effective preparation.

Customer page CC-9

Kyo Standard

Our programs focus on content, then teaching the strategies to build consistent accuracy and finally pacing to ensure you finish the section with accuracy

Customer page CC-12

Test Maestro

Revamp your SAT Reading and Writing prep with Test Maestro's SCORE approach, offering tailored guidance and comprehensive performance insights.

Customer page CC-22

DSAT Exams

Their platform simulates the bluebook app, including verbal section annotations and desmos integration in the math sections.

Customer page CC-10

Marigold Prep

Marigold Prep believes students deserve a new type of tutoring. Through a virtual curriculum that develops real-world skills

Customer page CC-15

Prep Expert

Prep Expert offers online private tutoring for over one hundred academic subjects and tests with top 1%

Customer page CC-11


Experience the future of standardized testing with Digital SAT exams, providing a way to measure your academic readiness."

Customer page CC-12


Dux brings the best teachers from across the country to your child at your home

Customer page CC-9

FA Digital

FA.. the FINANCE ACADEMY makes it easy to clear CA. CMA. CS, and similar courses through a range of tools and resources

Customer page CC-15


Synergy Institute helps students to unlock their individual potential and achieve their dream to study abroad

Customer page CC-4


Lyn×E provides a guided, personalised path to enhance learning through virtual labs and AR/VR based real life illustration

Customer page CC-21

SaPa India

SaPa is a music academy that helps students bring their musical vision to life.

Customer page CC-10


Strarts offers courses to develop skills and takes a unique approach to help people in the arts community achieve mainstream appeal and career opportunities.

Customer page CC-29

Performers Collective

Prepares learners in instrumental/vocal performance across western contemporary and Indian classical forms of music and dance

Customer page CC-15

Champ for life

Provide complete education to its community of students in class 10, 12 and IGNOU. Prepare a young athlete to be an all-rounder

Customer page CC-17


With 15 ears of experience as a chess coach, Harish is scaling his student's up from the level of a chess novice to mastery of the game

Customer page CC-9


Monolith Labs combines experts from India, Japan. South Korea, and Singapore to create the best technology training available.

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