The major challenge of remote learning is disparity in access from electricity and internet connections to devices like computer or smartphones. When the same problem was faced by more than 50% of the Adivasi students of Jambul Village, a teacher from Kalyan came up with the idea of pairing students to learn together by sharing devices. Sahebrao Mahajan is a English teacher at Sri Sai Kripa Late MS Pisal Vidyalay in Jambul District of Thane. This private funded school has a strength of 108 high school students & 5 teachers. Most of the parents worked in farms, factories & dairies. They couldn’t afford mobile phones & laptops due to their financial constraints. It caused a huge concern when more than 50% of the students could not attend the online classes. That was when, Sahebrao Mahajan decided to pair a student with another student who had a device. Even after this arrangement, a few students were left out. To solve this, he asked the other students of the class to pay them a visit and teach them what was being taught in the online class. Mahajan also pays a visit to the student’s homes weekly to make sure that they face no problem in understanding the subject & to clear their doubts. While this arrangement was formed for English only, the students have began to follow the same for other subjects too.

Hazel Ricky
Content Marketing Associate
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