Welcome to the world of education, where you experience a drastic change in just a blink of an eye!

Teachers and students have tried their best to keep pace in the ongoing education environment. Especially in 2020, the pandemic has added fuel to this evolving environment, and now online learning has become an indispensable part of the current education system. As the demand for online teaching software soars, online course creation has become an important part of the education ecosystem. 

According to GlobalNewsWire’s research, the worldwide market for learning management systems is expected to reach $842.12 billion by 2030. These cutting-edge online teaching apps and software are reshaping the classroom scenario and changing the accessibility and quality of online education. 

Whether you are an educator wishing to upscale your online classroom experience or a student searching for web-based training courses to excel in their career, online teaching is the ultimate option that provides top-notch user experience with an independent approach to online learning. 

Now you must be wondering, there are countless online teaching software; which one to choose? Don’t worry; here we delve into the list of online teaching software transforming the learning environment, opening new doors to opportunities for educators and students alike.

What is Online Teaching Software? 

Online teaching software refers to digital tools and platforms designed to facilitate the delivery of educational content and instruction over the internet. These tools are equipped with features that enable educators to conduct virtual classes, share resources, interact with students, and assess their progress. Examples include video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, learning management systems such as Moodle or Canvas, and collaboration tools like Google Workspace for Education. These software solutions play a crucial role in supporting remote learning and making education accessible beyond traditional classrooms.

Who Benefits Most from Online Teaching Software? 

The best online teaching software caters to diverse employees, organizations, and educational institutions. It offers several advantages to all the stakeholders involved and aims to deliver quality material, making it engaging. 

Moreover, corporate trainers can also simplify employee learning and development, while managers can offer personalized remote learning. Ultimately, teaching software empowers different audiences to deliver knowledge effectively and conveniently. 

1. Educational Institutions

Creating online classroom software will assist educational institutions in reaching a larger audience and remove current obstacles. Additionally, it's a permanent investment. Now that the college may sell its courses and online degrees through any channel, its name will become more well-known.

2. Organizations and Stakeholders

A learning management system aids in lowering the cost of staff professional development and training. Organizational problems, teacher costs, and organizational challenges are not things that businesses need to consider. 

Through creating and filming online courses, they can instruct a sizable audience. Repeatedly reviewing the same material with newly hired workers is unnecessary. Professionals must continuously assess the instructional material's relevancy and freshness and make appropriate adjustments.

3. Government 

Governments need online learning software to accomplish federal initiatives to make online education available to all citizens.

4. Workforce

By receiving pertinent knowledge from anywhere, online learning software will aid society in developing skills, locating new employment opportunities, and succeeding in the contemporary digital environment.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Online Teaching Software

Kick Starting a journey into the world of online teaching platforms? Welcome to a realm where emerging technology meets modern teaching styles, unlocking limitless opportunities for interactive learning. To navigate these evolving dynamics wisely, we will enlist specific key considerations to help you choose the best learning management software for your unique requirements. Jump and explore how to elevate your learning curve online. 

1. Interactive Online Tools 

For immersive learning in online classroom, consider additional software features such as annotations, sections, and quizzes. Online classroom management software with web conferencing, chat, and real-time analytics is ideal for distance learning. Look for accessibility features like screen readers and audio in cloud-based management systems like Zoom, WizIQ, or Google Classroom.

2. Video Conferencing Tools 

 With the help of video conferencing, teachers and students can participate in learning from all over the world. Participation in the virtual classroom is ensured by the video conferencing function offered by the solution. Video conferencing is different from recorded lecture videos. Quality video conferencing is essential to a successful virtual classroom.

3. Check Affordability

To deliver a top-notch user experience to learners through online teaching apps must be considered. Get started with the web-based platforms with real-time capabilities such as audio conferencing, video lectures, track progress, assessments, quizzes, discussions etc. Make sure user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness by trying free versions of any solution.

4. Subject Matters

Depending on your subject, the activities in your online classroom will vary. Some subjects require more debate and learner engagement, whereas others are better taught by demonstration and hands-on exercises.

This will determine the online training toolkit. If collaborative exercises are the best method to achieve your learning objectives, breakout rooms and discussion forums are exceptionally beneficial tools. In contrast, the online whiteboard allows students to develop and present their work in real-time. 

As a result, it is an effective technique for reinforcing new knowledge. Screen sharing is an excellent way for teachers to do step-by-step demonstrations. Use the online whiteboard to outline your ideas if you need to clarify and illustrate more abstract notions.

5. Recording Facility 

While teaching software provides an asynchronous learning environment, the instructor may need to record and upload the classroom session to their LMS. Contrary to popular belief, there are more realistic alternatives than employing a third-party integration to record a classroom session. This is when the ability to record server-side comes in handy.

With server-side recording, you can ensure the entire session is recorded in its original clarity. Aside from that, the recordings are automatically saved in the Cloud, making it easier to integrate them into your LMS or share them with others.

6. Which Online Teaching Software Offers Free Demo? 

Finally, before investing money in your platform of choice, give it a try. That way, you may see for yourself whether it matches your requirements.

Most teaching software provides new users with a free demo or trial period. You may wish to consider another tool if your preferred alternative does not. Quality solutions should be confident enough in their product to allow you to "try before you buy."

After working on the above features, you can weigh your options. Balance the required features with your budget and select a proficient tool that will not break the bank. Then, test it out to see if it comes up to the buzz.

7. Target Audience 

Another important factor to consider when selecting teaching software is your audience's demographics. 

If you teach schoolchildren, you'll need a simple, engaging, intuitive interface with various interaction possibilities. 

A collaborative whiteboard, for example, allows students to design and present throughout the session. Teachers can also use the whiteboard Teachers can also use the whiteboard for interactive educational games. 

For younger children, for example, drag-and-drop interactions, and for higher education students, instant messaging, writing, and sketching exercises. A media player that allows you to stream YouTube video content during class is another fantastic tool to employ with younger learners.

A learning management software has everything, from improved learning experiences to better accessibility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. With so many features on the market today, selecting the best one might take a lot of work, but the above consideration enables you to pick the best for your unique requirements. 

10 Highly-rated Online Teaching Software 2023

The way we teach and learn is changing as technology progresses. Online courses and educational applications are revolutionizing traditional classroom approaches, making them more efficient and accessible to leaders everywhere. 

A platform that allows educators to provide course content and manage student interactions is known as teaching software. It can be used to build and deliver stand-alone courses and integrate into an existing learning management system (LMS).

The best way to bring your typical classroom into a connected world is the adoption of a learning management system(LMS). Whether you wish to take your gradebook online, add particular eLearning courses to your curriculum, or arrange a live session - all can be done under one roof. 

We've gathered a list of the best ten online teaching software to enhance the online learning environment.

1. EdisonOS

EdisonOS is a fully featured online teaching solution to serve SMEs, individual students, agencies, and much more. It provides end-to-end solutions designed for desktop apps. Over the years, EdisonOS has empowered many online educators and institutions to offer appealing learning experiences to all their students. 

This is one of the best full-featured and modern platforms that enables tutors to conduct online classes and create online courses from scratch. Tutors can upload course materials and use rich content formats like quizzes and interactive movies to add some life to even the most dull subjects.    

Once the courses have been created, the course creators can upload them to a website that has been specifically designed for you. Your online presence will be significantly enhanced by using the website builder.


  • Deployment Types: On-premises, SaaS, Cloud or web-based
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux


Reliability: Do not encounter buffering or other technical problems like other platforms. 

Integration: Since EdisonOS comes with many modern features, adding integrations is a breeze.  


Create Your Free LMS with EdisonOS

2. Teachable 

Teachable Review | Pricing & Features (2023) - Online Learning Software

Teachable is one of the best cutting-edge classroom tools designed to empower schools and educational institutions with all the useful tools needed to deliver interactive online courses. With an appealing user interface and modern features, Teachable has quickly gained recognition as a leading online teaching solution for higher education students. 

Teachable offers a great platform for academics and organizations wishing to offer top-notch online courses, with a host of features that make course creation, marketing, and analytics easier. However, consumers who are concerned about their budgets might take the platform's price model and transaction costs into account.


  • Deployment: Cloud based
  • Payment: Monthly, Annually 
  • Operating System: Web App, Windows


  • Teachnable’s eye-pleasing interface makes it the finest platform for coaching institutions and students. 
  • Supports various content formats such as audio files, video files, PDFs, etc. 
  • In-depth data to monitor students performance 

3. WizlQ

How to Upload a SCORM Course into WizIQ LMS

Another well-known website for online learning. Teachers frequently use this tool to host live and recorded webinars. Slides, screen sharing, video, and audio are among its features. Those who create the content for academic courses are particularly fond of WizIQ. 

Courses may be easily created on the platform and published on its marketplace. WizIQ has nine templates to choose from to increase the engagement of exams and assessments. Using thorough analytics and reporting capabilities, you can also monitor the performance of your teachers. They provide WizIQ as a mobile apps to facilitate learning on the go.


  • Deployment: Cloud based
  • Payment: SAAs
  • Platform: Windows, MAC


  • Users can create and put together online learning materials.
  • An online library or course catalog contains the learning materials.
  • A player or portal interface allows users to interact with content and take courses.
  • The company provides excellent pre-made products or courses. These could be unique to particular professions or technological fields.

4. Thinkific

Thinkific Review 2023: Should You Use This Online Course Platform?

Create and share eLearning courses for many sectors using the Thinkific teaching platform for educators. You can design your courses using videos, quizzes, live classes, and other resources.

Promoting courses is incredibly simple, and it expands your audience. The majority of courses are free, and it operates on a freemium approach. You can monitor your pupils' progress and provide completion diplomas. It includes integration with external applications like Zapier.

With the free plan, you may try out the features. Utilize a sign-up form to create an account. You can expedite the process by using drag & drop while creating courses. If you buy a premium package, you receive a customized onboarding call and additional training.


  • Deployment: Cloud based
  • Payment: SAAs
  • Platform: Windows, MAC


  • Because of Thinkific Plus' remarkable scalability, businesses may expand their course selection and student body without restrictions.
  • Thinkific Plus offers a wide range of customization choices, giving you total control over how your online courses seem and feel. 
  • Thinkific Plus provides a variety of marketing and sales tools, making it simple for companies to sell their courses and increase income.

5. Blackboard Collaborate

How do I create a Bb Collaborate session? | Bowie State

Blackboard Collaborate is an exceptional online platform for virtual classrooms and collaborative work. A platform that was created especially for organizations that need to give students more flexible, personalized, and engaging learning options. It goes beyond typical web conferencing to address the wide and varied needs of today's educators and students for collaboration. 

Blackboard Collaborate, which was created with the learner in mind, provides a degree of engagement that causes students to forget they are not in a traditional classroom. Through online, blended, and mobile learning, Blackboard Collaborate is assisting thousands of higher education, K–-12 professionals, businesses, and governmental institutions around the world. You can engage more pupils by opening up new real-time or anytime learning facets.


  • Deployment: Cloud Based
  • Payment: Monthly, Yearly
  • Platforms: WebApp, Windows


  • Possibility of scheduling online or repeating appointments a week in advance.
  • The virtual whiteboard 
  • Breakout spaces that make a pair or group work incredibly simple.

6. Zoom

Zoom dashboard | CompareCamp.com

Team chat, phone, a whiteboard, meetings, and more are all included in one product by Zoom One. Zoom One is a communications platform that was created with collaboration in mind. It offers a simple administration interface and the communications freedom that drives the modern workforce. 

Zoom is one of the best cloud video conferencing web tools, which helps you communicate with many pupils, share schedules, and tutor them. Amazing features like one-click document sharing, digital whiteboarding, etc., can increase student engagement during distance learning.

These services for distance learning under quarantine have also been embraced by instructors and students of the Game Project Management program. Lecturers and students who have used various services concur that Zoom is the most practical platform for holding online lessons.


  • Deployment: Cloud Based
  • Payment: Monthly, Yearly
  • Platforms: WebApp, Mac


  • The ability to raise our hands to ask the host a question or request something else is beneficial. The feature that changes the background is also excellent.
  • The most impressive aspects of Zoom are its user-friendly UI, excellent video and audio, device interoperability, recording and replay capabilities, and enormous meeting capacity.
  • Free arrangement. Many of Zoom's most useful web conferencing features, such as screen sharing and whiteboard tools, are available without a premium membership. Useful and simple. 
  • Zoom is easy to introduce and use on a work surface or via a mobile device.

7. Wooclap

Wooclap: A Versatile Tool to Poll Students | Profweb

During lectures and presentations, you can utilize the Wooclap e-learning engagement software to engage students with messaging, interactive questions, and other activities like polls, brainstorming, and open questions with dynamic word clouds.

With Wooclap, you can add PDFs, slides, or Keynote presentations to the app's user-friendly exercise builder to create quizzes and other activities. The exercises are then finished by students using the app on their smartphones.

Instructors frequently use Wooclap because of its range of question types, competitive aspects, and immediate learner feedback, all of which assist in bringing variation to lectures and enjoyably reinforce comprehension.


  • Deployment: Cloud Based
  • Payment: Monthly, Yearly
  • Platforms: WebApp, Mac


  • The user-friendly interface of Wooclap is one of its best qualities. 
  • Without prior technical knowledge, anyone can easily access and create surveys on the site thanks to its intuitive design.
  • Can easily customize using the drag-and-drop feature, allowing anyone to create surveys that exactly meet their needs. 
  • Users can concentrate on the information and insights rather than wasting time and being frustrated with difficult-to-use tools because of the simple UI.

8. Google Classroom

How to Use Google Classroom Like a Pro | Wirecutter

Instead of being used for commercial training use cases, Google Classroom has developed into an LMS and a VLE targeted explicitly at academic institutions.

Every instructor can have their own Google Classroom inside a campus or division to post assignments, quizzes, materials, and other course information. Following that, students attend classes using a special code, where they may communicate with their instructors and take advantage of the user-friendly integrations with the G Suite ecosystem of tools and services, including Google Docs, Drive, Slides, and YouTube.

Google Classroom is convenient for any smartphone, tablet, or laptop and ideal for asynchronous online learning.


  • Deployment: API 
  • Payment: Free 
  • Platforms: WebApp, Mac, Windows, Smartphones


  • The primary benefit of this software is its simplicity. Both tutors and students will find it simple to adjust to and learn due to the UI's simplicity.
  • Online tutoring for students in higher grades uses Google Classroom for personal use. Furthermore, it considerably facilitates sharing information and running online classes.
  • Since most students have cell phones nearby, attending lessons when told about them is simple. The fact that this platform alerts the student or attendee about the class is.

9. Edmodo

Edmodo - Microsoft Apps

The mission of Edmodo is to connect teachers and students worldwide with the knowledge they may need to succeed in the classroom.

The asynchronous teaching resources teachers require to interact with students are available through Edmodo. Regarding a student's performance or academic progress in class, you can publish for all the students to see or send them private remarks.

There are classes, and then there are incredible lessons that capture students' attention and aid in their comprehension of the material. With Edmodo, building online training classes is simple since you can create assignments like video presentations, tests, and games.


  • Deployment: SaaS, Cloud Based, Web-based
  • Payment: Monthly
  • Platform: Windows, Mac


  • The accessibility of Edmodo across web-enabled devices, which permits communication and cooperation outside of regular school hours, is one of its main advantages. 
  • This function has been especially useful for online and blended learning efforts and streamlining interactions between teachers and their students. Professional learning communities have also used Edmodo to promote asynchronous communication among instructors, enabling them to exchange best practices and lesson ideas.
  • The value of Edmodo goes beyond the classroom since it links different education stakeholders. 
  • Students, parents, and the community can upload text messages, digital content, lesson plans, and assignments to Edmodo to stay in touch with teachers and administrators. Additionally, it provides a venue for material sharing and collaboration between courses and even schools globally, fostering interaction.

10. Kahoot

Kahoot! reports | How to assess kahoot results

What exactly is Kahoot? Making a trivia test on the subject you're currently teaching only takes a few minutes utilizing this tool. All your pupils need to do is enter the special game code into their phones when you give it to them, and you're ready to go.

You can choose the proper and incorrect answers for the multiple-choice questions on the online tests. Each question has a timer, and pupils are given points depending on how quickly they respond and whether or not they correctly answer the question. It improves quick thinking and information memory abilities while bringing out the playful and competitive side of the kids.


  • Deployment: Web-based, Cloud
  • Payment: Monthly
  • Platform: Windows, Mac


  • Kahoot platform's tools have increased student enthusiasm for learning. 
  • It creates online quizzes that allow for more dynamic and effective audience communication and has a simple interface that allows anyone to get used to it fast. 
  • It is simple to use, which makes it simple for users to establish rapport at the start of meetings or workshops. 

Well, the list continues. But these are the top 10 software for online teaching. Several excellent online teaching platforms are available for virtual classes, but choosing the top one might take a lot of work.

Some platforms focusing on course management and administration could be easier to use or need technical implementation. Although some engagement technologies are exciting for students, there are restrictions on how you can use them in the classroom.

However, once you better understand what these programs may provide, you can use their vast features for imaginative planning, online student engagement, and progress tracking.

Which Online Classroom Platform is Best for You? 

In the modern digital environment, all teachers must have software that organizes their daily lesson plans and allows them to teach students online.

The cost is the main issue. There are many software options on the market, but because the prices are so exorbitant, small and medium-sized, teachers need help to afford them. However, we have uncovered some excellent, best-in-class, free, and inexpensive online educational tools. 

As you can see, there is a huge selection of platforms available. In addition to the standard characteristics, each of these includes a special set of features of its own. It is up to tutors to select the ideal online learning environment that precisely complements their professional objectives. You should absolutely give EdisonOS a try because it has a ton of features that will greatly increase the revenues of your courses.


Create Your Free LMS with EdisonOS

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