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How Champ for Life
transforms passion
to obsession

Champ for Life is tailor made to help individuals who firmly believe
in becoming obsessive to pursue their passion by helping
them take risks in following their dream.

Insights from

Indrajit Bhalotia

Director & Founder

Use Case

Tutoring for online school


Sports Training


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Story & vision

Champ for Life, is the first dedicated sports education portal that was born out of the difficulties encountered by five-time PGA champion, Indrajit Bhalotia, and his son as they navigated the challenges of balancing professional pursuits with education. The organization is driven from the heart with a vision to provide a supportive educational framework for young athletes to pursue their passions while also receiving a comprehensive education.

Children who enjoy the grind for the ultimate goal are the
ones who survive the journey.

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To unearth young talent
and support their passion
while preparing them for
life afterwards.

EdisonOS, Best Online Course Platform, Online Education

Establish as a complete
education solution in the
sports industry.

Champ for Life stepping stones

Champ for Life recognised the limitations of the traditional Indian education system, which prioritizes academic achievement over other pursuits such as sports. In response, they developed a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of following one's passion while also reducing the academic burden on students.

Learners feel they cannot risk following their dream. This is
a concept we wish to eliminate by bridging the gap.

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EdisonOS, Best Online Course Platform, Online Education

Crafting curriculum
with NIOS.

EdisonOS, Best Online Course Platform, Online Education

Concise content to 10%
of prevailing academics

EdisonOS, Best Online Course Platform, Online Education

4 years of pre-launch trials,
test and product development.

Journey & Challenges

Indrajit and his team began by providing mentorship to students enrolled in their academy, focusing on helping them succeed in their education. The success of these students, who passed their 10th and 12th grade exams with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), gave the team the encouragement to expand their efforts and provide a finishing school. Instead of rushing to scale the program, Indrajit has taken a measured approach, carefully nurturing it to ensure that every student can benefit from it in the most effective way possible. His main challenge has been in raising awareness of a need that already exists within the education system.

EdisonOS, Best Online Course Platform, Online Education

Champ for Life was conceptualised

CFL was launched after trials & tests

EdisonOS, Best Online Course Platform, Online Education

‍Supporting 5 NGOs in
terms of academics

EdisonOS, Best Online Course Platform, Online Education

Mentoring 250 academy + 500 NGO students

Technology as backbone

Champ for Life sought a platform to realize its vision of uniting the sports industry and digital space. Through the use of technology, the institution has successfully fulfilled its mission of providing education to students while also supporting them in their chosen professional paths.

We are not looking at excellence. We enable young sports persons
to realise their dream and pursue their passion with obsession.

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Champ for Life's road ahead

 Champ for Life stands out as a pioneering institution for addressing a previously unaddressed issue. As the sole provider in this field, they attract students from across the globe. Their innovative curriculum is crafted to ignite a burning desire for each student's chosen profession and to impart a thorough education. With a well-defined plan for growth, Champ for Life aims to educate 50,000+ students in the near future and become the complete education solution for the sports industry as well as other industries.

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