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EdTech Business Bible

Everything you need to know to build your dream EdTech business. This eBook will guide you on understanding the fundamentals of an online course, how to create exceptional courses and sell them and how to retain attention for your online business.

What will you find inside?


Chapter 1

Introduction to the EdTech Industry

Chapter 2

Choosing the right niche

Chapter 3

Identifying ideal student persona

Chapter 4

Validating and planning your MVP

Chapter 5

Structuring & building an EdTech Product

Chapter 6

Exploring different business models

Chapter 7

Marketing & selling your EdTech product

Chapter 8

Getting expert help

EdisonOS platform is very easy to handle & much beneficial for teachers while better understanding my student.

Shubhangi Khedekar

Founder of Astro School & Consultancy

EdisonOS is the best platform for the publication of courses and good facilities for learners & admins.

Kiran Beldar

CMD of Renewable Energy Study Group

EdisonOS has enabled me to run my courses perfectly & their knowledgable support team have helped me reap benefits through the platform.

Santosh Randive

CEO of Randive Institute of Technology

Understand the fundamentals,
creation & selling of an online

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