The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a standardized test widely recognized and accepted by colleges and universities for admissions purposes. Achieving a high score on the SAT is crucial for many students aspiring to gain admission to their desired institutions. The shift from traditional paper-based exams to digital formats offers several advantages and benefits, such as digital SAT prep plus 2024 PDF resources and digital SAT Reddit discussions. With the ongoing debate on platforms like Reddit about whether the digital SAT is easier, and the increasing number of students asking, "Is SAT going digital?", it's evident that the transition is imminent. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the top 5 digital SAT test providers, exploring their features, strengths, and reputation.

Factors Tutors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Platform to Create SAT Practice Tests

As a tutor, selecting the right platform to create SAT practice tests is crucial for providing effective test prep to your students. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best platform:

1. Content and Question Database

Ensure that the platform offers full-length practice tests and a comprehensive and up-to-date question database.

2. Customization Options

Look for features that enable you to select the number of focus-focused practice questions, adjust the difficulty level, and create test sections based on specific topics or skills

3. User-Friendly Interface

The interface should be intuitive and user-friendly, offering example of an SAT test for both you and your students

4. Performance Analytics

An effective SAT practice test platform should provide detailed performance analytics, including comprehension test-like practice questions for you and your students.

5. Timed Test Simulation

Choose a platform that allows you to simulate length practice tests and how long is digital PSAT to build their pacing and time management skills.

6. Accessibility and Compatibility

Consider the accessibility and compatibility of the platform. Ensure that it can be accessed from various devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The platform should be compatible with different operating systems and browsers to accommodate the preferences and devices of your students. This flexibility allows students to practice anytime, anywhere, and on their preferred devices.

7. Additional Resources and Support

Look for a platform that offers additional resources and support to enhance the SAT preparation experience. This may include video tutorials, answer explanations, tips and strategies, and access to expert tutors or educators. Additional resources provide students with a well-rounded learning experience and can supplement your tutoring efforts.

8. Cost and Pricing Structure

Consider the cost and pricing structure of the platform. Evaluate whether it offers value for money based on the features, functionality, and support provided. Some platforms offer different pricing plans or subscription options, so choose one that aligns with your budget and the needs of your students.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select a platform that best meets your requirements as a tutor, enabling you to create effective and customized digital SAT practice tests for your students.

Top 5 Digital SAT Practice Test Providers for Tutors

Take a look at the top 5 digital SAT test providers, below:

1. EdisonOS

Known for its DSAT test prep capabilities, EdisonOS allows tutors to create their own practice tests, apart from relying on the pre-built mock tests provided by the platform. The platform also offers digital SAT prep resources, including full-length practice tests.

(EdisonOS Platform)

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface

EdisonOS offers a user-friendly interface that allows students to navigate through the platform effortlessly. Tutors also create full length practice tests with the help of easy navigation throughout the platform. Its intuitive design ensures a smooth and engaging experience for users of all skill levels.

  • Adaptive Logic for Practice Tests

The platform utilizes adaptive logic, which tailors practice tests to each student's individual strengths and weaknesses. This adaptive approach helps students to familiarize with the actual digital SAT test adaptive modules, thereby optimizing and enhancing overall performance.

  • Pre-Built Mock Tests

EdisonOS provides pre-built mock tests that closely replicate the structure (Reading and Writing section and Math section) and content of the official SAT Bluebook practice tests. These mock tests allow students to simulate real exam conditions and familiarize themselves with the format, timing, and question types.

  • In-Built Tools

EdisonOS offers a range of in-built tools to support students in their SAT preparation. These tools include a desmos calculator, digital timer, reference sheet, passage highlighting, answer review and answer elimination. Such features help students effectively approach and solve SAT questions.

  • Personalized Insights

EdisonOS provides personalized insights based on student performance. Through detailed analytics and performance reports, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted and efficient study plans.

  • SWOT Analysis

EdisonOS conducts a comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for each student. This analysis helps students understand their individual standing and guides them in focusing on areas that require improvement.

  • Pan-Nation Testing

EdisonOS offers pan-nation testing, allowing students from different locations to take practice tests simultaneously via public URL. 

  • White Labeled Solution

EdisonOS provides a white-labeled solution, allowing educational institutions or tutoring centers to customize the platform with their branding. This feature is beneficial for organizations seeking a personalized and cohesive learning experience for their students.


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2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy: This platform is often recommended for its extensive educational resources and new SAT practice tests. You can also find focus-focused practice questions to help students hone specific skills.

(Khan Academy Platform)

Key Features

  • Personalized Recommendation

Khan Academy offers personalized recommendations based on students' performance in diagnostic quizzes. These quizzes assess students' strengths and weaknesses, allowing the platform to provide tailored study plans and suggest specific areas that need improvement.

  • Diagnostic Quizzes

Khan Academy provides diagnostic quizzes, where tutors evaluate students' proficiency in various SAT topics. These quizzes help students identify their areas of strength and weakness, enabling them to focus their study efforts on the areas that require more attention.

  • Creation of Practice Schedule

Khan Academy allows tutors to create a personalized practice schedule for their students. The platform will send weekly reminders to students to help them stay on track. This feature helps students stay organized and maintain a consistent study routine.

  • Progress Tracking

Khan Academy enables tutors to track student’s progress over time. The platform provides detailed analytics and progress reports, showcasing students' improvement and highlighting areas where they may still need to focus. This feature allows tutors to help students in their growth and adjust their study strategies accordingly.

  • Extensive Practice Material

Khan Academy offers a vast library of digital SAT practice questions and resources. The platform covers all sections of the SAT, including reading, writing, and math, and provides a diverse range of question types to ensure comprehensive preparation. Tutors and students have access to a wide variety of practice materials to reinforce their understanding and develop test-taking strategies.

  • Official SAT Practice

Khan Academy has partnered with the College Board, the organization that administers the SAT, to provide official SAT practice tests. The Khan Academy SAT free practice tests accurately reflect the format and content of the actual SAT, giving students an authentic test-taking experience.

3. Test Innovators

Test Innovators: Offers a robust monitoring system and a wide range of mock tests that closely simulate the format and difficulty of the actual SAT. Ideal for those looking for length practice tests and comprehension test-like practice questions.

(Test Innovators Platform)

Key Features

  • Monitoring Students

Test Innovators offers a robust monitoring system that allows educators and tutors to track students' progress and performance. The platform provides real-time insights into students' engagement, completion of assignments, and overall study habits, enabling instructors to provide targeted support and guidance.

  • Administration of Mock Tests

Test Innovators provides a wide range of SAT mock exam that closely simulate the format and difficulty of the actual SAT. These mock tests allow students to familiarize themselves with the test environment, timing, and question types. The platform's advanced scoring system provides detailed feedback and analysis to identify areas for improvement.

  • Identification of Knowledge Gaps

Test Innovators utilizes sophisticated algorithms to identify students' knowledge gaps. Through detailed analysis of students' performance in practice tests and quizzes, the platform pinpoints specific areas where students may be struggling. This information helps tutors and educators customize study plans and provide targeted instruction.

  • Assignment of Homework

Test Innovators enables tutors and educators to assign homework and practice exercises tailored to students' individual needs. Assignments can be based on identified knowledge gaps or specific topics that require reinforcement. This feature allows for targeted practice and focused skill development.

  • Assess Progress

Test Innovators offers comprehensive progress tracking tools that allow both students and educators to monitor growth over time. The platform generates detailed reports on students' performance in practice tests, quizzes, and homework assignments. These reports provide insights into areas of improvement and help students gauge their progress as they prepare for the SAT.

4. TCYonline

TCYonline: Known for its practice DSAT tests and AI-driven exam prep tools, this platform provides an example of an SAT test to give students a realistic experience.

(TCYonline Platform)

Key Features

  • Test Library

TCYonline offers a plug-and-play model, which provides comprehensive exam prep solutions for SAT. Their SAT practice tests model the real test experience, featuring exam-identical questions, interface, interactions, functions, and predicted scoring.

  • Realistic Practice

Practice tests are intricately designed to mimic each test, question type, and the scoring process. Their AI-powered Mock Tests come with exam-identical interfaces, comprehensive prep materials & lesson plans that deliver results and make learning fun.

  • Evaluation and Recommendations

TCYonline provides instant performance analysis, accurately predicted scores, and personalized remedial assignments for each student. They help in improving student's knowledge gaps and meet their learning objectives.

  • Intuitive Tools

TCYonline's built-in user-friendly engagement tools, motivates and inspires students in easy ways, resulting in improved learning outcomes and academic achievement.

5. Magoosh

Magoosh: Offers comprehensive resources and support for schools and districts, including full-length practice tests and focus-focused practice questions. Their test prep approach is highly adaptive to individual learning needs.

(Magoosh Platform)

Key Features

  • Educator Portal

Magoosh provides an educator portal designed specifically for schools and districts. This portal serves as a centralized platform for educators to manage student accounts, monitor progress, and access a range of features and resources.

  • Student Account Distribution

Through the educator portal, Magoosh allows educators to distribute student accounts efficiently. This feature streamlines the account creation process and ensures that each student has access to the necessary resources for SAT test preparation.

  • Progress Monitoring

The educator portal enables educators to monitor student progress in real-time. Educators can view detailed reports and metrics that track students' engagement, including estimated scores, questions answered, videos watched, and time spent learning with Magoosh. This information allows educators to gauge student commitment and make informed decisions regarding instructional strategies.

  • Detailed Reports

Magoosh offers detailed reports that provide educators with a comprehensive overview of student performance. These reports offer insights into individual student progress, strengths, weaknesses, and areas requiring improvement. Educators can use this data to provide targeted support and guide students in their SAT test preparation.

  • Access to Magoosh Product

The educator portal grants educators full access to the Magoosh product, enabling them to explore the resources and materials available to students. Educators can familiarize themselves with the content, practice questions, video lessons, and other study materials, empowering them to provide guidance and support aligned with the Magoosh SAT test preparation platform.

  • Drill-Down Capability

With Magoosh's educator portal, educators can drill down to see every question a student has answered. This feature allows educators to gain a granular understanding of student performance, identify specific areas of struggle, and provide targeted feedback to guide further improvement.

Summarising the top 5 digital SAT practice test providers


1. What are digital SAT test providers? 

Digital SAT test providers are platforms or services that offer online resources, practice materials, and tools to help students prepare for the SAT exam. They provide a range of features such as practice tests, study materials, progress tracking, and personalized learning options.

2. How do I choose the best digital SAT test provider for my needs? 

Choosing the best digital SAT test provider depends on your individual preferences and study requirements. Consider factors such as reputation, features offered, pricing, user-friendliness, personalized learning options, progress tracking, and support provided. Thorough research and understanding your own learning style can guide you in selecting the most suitable provider.

3. How much do these digital SAT test providers cost? 

The cost of digital SAT test providers varies depending on the provider and the package or features you choose. Prices can range from affordable options to more premium packages. Consider your budget and the value you receive from the features provided when evaluating the cost of each provider.


To find the best digital SAT test provider for your needs, it's crucial to conduct thorough research and consider your personal preferences. Assess the features, reputation, track record, pricing, and support provided by each provider. With the SAT transitioning from paper to digital, it's essential to stay updated. Many students and tutors often wonder, "When does SAT turn digital?" or "When is the next digital SAT?". It's vital to keep these timelines in mind while preparing. Take into account factors such as user-friendliness, customization options, personalized learning, progress tracking, and any specific requirements you may have, like digital SAT prep and length practice tests.

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