If you haven't read a newspaper or scrolled social media platforms in the past couple of years, the following news may leave you in shock: employee training has transformed a lot over the years. Yes, it's true. Gone are the days when a company would call all its employees and gather them in a meeting room. Additionally, there is much more happening in the corporate sector. How to stay ahead in the race? 

The solution is implementing the best employee training software.

Did you know for every dollar spent on employee training, organizations make back 3X when it comes to productivity? The online training industry is booming, allowing an increasing demand for employee training software for brands, government entities, and individuals. 

In this detailed guide, we will discover what an employee training platform is, why it holds a significant position in the business world, and what the best seven training management software organisations can use to yield optimum employee output are.

Defining Employee Training Software

An online employee training software, often known as a Learning Management System, is an employee development software that makes online training and course creation easy. All scales of organizations use it to train and retain employees and customers. 

Today, employee training scenarios have been changing frequently. To keep pace in this evolving business world, employee training systems help brands streamline the entire process and enable employees to learn on their own schedule. 

Well, plenty of online employee training software is available in the market, so it can be challenging to choose the pick one. Don't worry; here, we have combed through the online training market and prepared a list of the best employee training software you can rely on in 2023 and years to come.

Statistics Behind the Training Trend

Employee training is obviously advantageous for businesses of all sizes, but to what degree?

Numerous immediate and long-term advantages can be obtained from a robust training and development program, such as higher employee retention and engagement rates, a stimulus for creative problem-solving, risk mitigation, and a competitive advantage for your company.

Not yet convinced? You'll reconsider after reading these training and development facts.

  1. A little over half of workers say they learned most of their abilities independently and never had any workplace training.
  2. To stay employable, 74% of workers are eager to retrain or pick up new skills.
  3. Compared to other training delivery methods, computer-based or online learning techniques are used by 32% of large firms.
  4. Compared to earlier generations, Gen Z absorbs 50% more learning material and is more inclined to view training materials.
  5. When selecting a workplace, nearly half of the employees (46%) take development chances into account.

Professionals in learning and development are excited about the possibilities that developing technologies will present, particularly about assessment, personalization, and autonomous learning.

The data on employee training makes it clear that companies must spend on training and development initiatives. The information demonstrates the beneficial effects of carefully thought-out training on worker retention and engagement. It also highlights the importance of using various training techniques and ongoing education.

Benefits of Adopting Employee Training Software for Your Organization 

We witness new means of global business and people connectivity as technology develops. Online learning, virtual and augmented reality, and even blockchain technology are all increasing.

Our society is becoming more interconnected due to these developments, allowing everyone access to resources and information.

We're moving away from traditional educational settings and toward virtual ones. One of its many important advantages is employee training significantly improves workforce performance.

Effective training programs have dramatically reduced customer complaints while boosting employee productivity and retention by up to 230% and 70%, respectively.

Numerous advantages of employee training aid in the company's development. So, let's examine a few of them in detail. 

1. Get Rid of Layoffs

In times like this, businesses must quickly adjust to shifting market conditions. Preventing layoffs requires educating your employees on how to be engaged and effective.

You can upskill current staff members to fit larger responsibilities that align with the company's future objectives, saving you time and money over beginning from zero.

According to recent research from Cornell University's New York State School of Industrial Relations, businesses that made employee training investments before COVID-19 had a lower likelihood of firing staff members during the pandemic than those that did not.

2. Increases The Time Efficiency Of The Employees

Programs for learning and development are created in a way that makes it possible for staff members to acquire the skills necessary to use an ERP system. Your employees will increase productivity and save time using an ERP system to address everyday problems. 

Learning programs are made to save employees time when fixing technological issues by following a particular plan.

3. Prepare Your Employees for Future Uncertainty 

Your company's success is determined by its employees. To stay competitive, make sure they get the best industry skills. With access to various training courses that help your staff develop new skills and keep current with industry trends, LMS will only make your job easier. You can continue to grow inside your organization by filling superior jobs with current employees if they have the necessary talents at the right moment.

Instead of becoming lifeless robots, today's workers have become innovative, creative thinkers. Use LMS, the greatest employee training program, to meet and exceed their expectations.

4. Enhanced Employee Performance

An individual with training understands how to complete assigned responsibilities quickly and safely. Using an employee training program, you may boost your staff members' confidence in addition to helping them better understand your company's products and industry.

The personnel will surpass other industry-standard employees with their increased confidence. These kinds of capable and proactive workers will be a part of the system that helps the company obtain a competitive edge and grow into one of the industry's top competitors.

5. Mobile Education

Mobile learning, or m-learning, is a great way to let your employees study while on the road. When appropriately used, m-learning increases employee flexibility and integrates well with online and in-person employee training.

What Are the Top 7 Employee Training Software? 

The online employee training software market has expanded significantly in the last several years, giving you a wide range of excellent solutions. These seven incredibly potent platforms are currently vying for your business.

1. EdisonOS

EdisonOS is one of the trusted and versatile platforms that can be used for internal employee and external training for customers, patterns, or stakeholders. EdisonOS's user-friendly platform interface makes personalized learning paths easy and accessible. 

Anyone with little experience can use this platform to design online courses. Whether you are an educator, team lead, HR professional, or anyone, Edison offers features based on your business needs. Its cost-effectiveness, adaptability, and user-friendliness simplify design training courses. 

With all modern features, teams can connect their preferred tools and make the most out of training programs. EdisonOS is quickly becoming a top choice for those searching for the best employee training system. 

Moreover, it comes with a white label facility and can be branded as your own with custom options. Many modern features and offline accessibility make it easy for learners to access the training material without an internet connection. Users can access the training content from mobile apps, making it easy for educators to track employee performance. 

EdisonOS ticks almost all the boxes regarding employee training. It consists of all the modern tools and impressive interfaces that add value for learners and creators.

Pricing 💰: There is a 14-day free trial available. Paid plans are as follows: 

  • Monthly plan: For individual $69/mo
  • Yearly plan: Starts from $85/mo


Create Your Free Training LMS with EdisonOS

2. ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Project Software - 2023 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

A cloud-based learning management system is called ProProfs Training Maker (LMS). It provides an authoring tool along with an updated library of pre-made courses and templates. This flexible software is used by companies of all sizes and sectors, making collaborative learning easy and seamless. 

Online training courses and exams may be easily created, managed, distributed, and tracked with ProProfs Training Maker's software solutions for learning and evaluation.

Additionally, ProProfs Training Maker now provides detailed reporting options that let you track progress and development more precisely. Additionally, you may upload your own design or select one from the software's collection of expertly created certificates to generate and customize certificates from scratch.

ProProfs Training Maker is used by over 15 million people in more than 150 countries to develop more knowledgeable staff members and satisfied clients. This is primarily due to the tool's intuitive interface, high degree of customization, and ability to provide corporate training, remote training, distance learning, and eLearning needs in one place.

Pricing💰 : Comes with a free 15-day trial. Plan of business: $1.97 per learner, invoiced annually, each month. Pricing for custom plans is available upon request.

3. Blackboard 

Blackboard has been a popular and best employee training software for over a few years. It merges compliance training with employee training tools and real-time analytics to deliver a well-rounded experience for multiple use cases. With features tailored to professional services using emerging tech stack, course management, and training programs, this software helps all enterprise scales adapt management systems to keep up with their growth. 

Moreover, personalized learning paths, mobile learning, video conferencing, social learning capabilities, and gamification keep learners motivated throughout the course and provide managers with various other features to conduct other learning programs. 

Pricing 💰: The starting price for Learn is $9,500 annually. No free version exists.

4. Docebo

A User-Friendly Alternative to Docebo LMS – iSpring Learn

Irrespective of size and type, a company is only as good as its workforce, and to perform at its best, investment in employee training programs is inevitable. And for that, educators more often look for learning management systems that are simple to use. 

Docebo is an award-winning online training software developed to inspire online learning backed by organisation productivity. Docebo is an excellent choice, built with the latest tech stack, and has impressed customers since its launch. Docebo gives you all the required resources to design custom training programs and sell online courses. 

If you have a medium to large size business, Docebo is one of the excellent choices you can make due to its advanced features and intuitive user interface. They also offer a world-class UI that makes mobile learning and desktop learning interactive. They also boast a dedicated support team to resolve some common questions. 

The main advantage of using Docebo is that it has many customization facilities and offers a 14-day free trial to try out the solution.

Pricing 💰: The annual cost of Docebo starts at $25,000. It operates on a subscription basis. A free trial of Docebo is available without requiring a credit card.

5. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2023

Absorb LMS is a popular cloud-based training software engineered to grow business productivity and deliver top-notch learner and admin experience. It is a powerful employee training software that allows its customers to fit the LMS into their training program. Drive more ROI from continued learning with simplified and AI-powered tools and features and a more seamless user experience for learners to access, explore, and grasp learning content. 

Moreover, Absorb allows businesses to create as many learning portals with their personal branding options. It also supports live training sessions and on-demand training courses on any mobile device, so you can interact with users wherever and whenever they are ready to learn. 

It is the best online employee training program for a business that wants a personalized, appealing interface for its training courses. From easy setup to a well-designed interface to competitive prices, Absorb LMS is a good fit if you want to plug in and go. 

Pricing 💰: This Learning management system, or LMSs, operates on a subscription basis. The amount charged depends on how many students are enrolled in each billing cycle.

6. Talent LMS

With the help of automation and gamification, companies of all sizes can design learning programs that motivate learners to study independently using TalentLMS, an all-in-one learning management system. 

The solution's onboarding process demonstrates to customers how to develop interactive courses immediately, and its design is user-friendly. In addition to using various media, course designers can tailor the training modules to their brand by utilizing images, colors, logos, and icons. 

By automating the enrollment and training procedures, TalentLMS enables creators to free up administrative time for users to create profiles, choose their learning paths, and finish courses. Managers can gamify their courses by adding badges, points, and awards to engage students and boost retention.

Pricing 💰: TalentLMS has subscription options that range from $69 to $459 per month in addition to a free plan for up to five users.

7. LearnUpon

LearnUpon - Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2023 | Product  Hunt

Corporate online training software is usually created for organizations that provide instructors externally or for organizations that train their staff.

LearnUpon is a feature-rich online training software created with startups and small businesses in mind. LearnUpon offers comprehensive solutions made just for Windows. Engagement tracking, synchronous learning, asynchronous learning, social learning, content management, and more are all provided by this online learning management system.

When LearnUpon administrators use the program, they get a comprehensive, free training session. Every admin also has an account manager who handles onboarding and a customer success manager who offers proactive support.

Since LearnUpon may be used for internal and external training, users can set up various portals to grant staff or clients access to the program. You can add welcome messages, change the terms and conditions, change the backdrop colors and banners, and make other adjustments just like with other training systems. 

A never-ending selection of Welcome content, such as a Calendar view, new courses, blog entries, and videos, are available for administrators to add to the student dashboard.

The stunning user interface (UI) of LearnUpon is simple to use and navigates quickly. Creating a course is simple and accessible to students with ease. LearnUpon has pushed itself to the top of the online learning space using gamification and a variety of live learning partners.

Pricing 💰: The four pricing tiers offered by LearnUpon are Basic, Essential, Premium, and Enterprise. When paid annually, the Basic plan costs $599 per month. When invoiced annually, the Essential plan costs $999 per month. When paid annually, the Premium plan costs $1,699 per month.

Efficiency and career progression are important factors for modern business. As said above, many brands have opted for eLearning to save time, money, and energy. Online training software offers several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, enhanced productivity and performance, ease and flexibility, and prompt feedback.

The list can be long, but these are the best and top employee training software for 2023 and years to come. 

Key Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Employee Training Software

To fully utilize the potential of their workforce in the digital age, businesses must invest in the best online training software. 

Several solutions are available to meet diverse demands, from creative learning experience platforms to strong learning management systems. The breakdown of this list is as follows:

1. Establish Business Objectives

Not only should goals be created, but the correct goals must be set for effective eLearning to succeed. Thus, make sure your goals are quantifiable and reachable. Establish a suitable timetable for the goal's completion as well. 

Consider the following: 

  1. What skill sets are you looking to develop? 
  2. What kind of outcome are you looking to achieve? 
  3. Is the entire team going to receive instruction at the same time?

2. Software Compatibility

Knowing the needs of your company should be among your top priorities. The process and procedure you are now utilizing should be compatible with the software you seek. This will benefit your staff and assist with the software's onboarding.

The program should be able to interact with the tools you already have seamlessly. The software you select should be extensively tested by your employees to determine whether they feel comfortable using it regularly and whether it is developing your team's skills.

3. Integration and Features

Your eLearning platform must provide simple app or feature integrations if you want to combine the user's online learning experience into a single portal. This way, the learner won't have to repeat steps or can access other platforms from within the same portal.

For instance, Single-sign-on (SSO) is an LMS feature that streamlines the user experience. With the help of this functionality, users can access many applications inside the same LMS using their login credentials without having to log in again.

4. Reliability and Security

When selecting an LMS, one of the most crucial things to consider is how it manages sensitive data. A security breach could damage the reputation and brand image of your company. Protecting your content and users' personal information requires ensuring the LMS is equipped with the appropriate firewalls, security protocols, and SSL.

Finding the ideal eLearning platform for your training program may be ensured by answering these questions, regardless of whether you're a little business, an enterprise, or looking to launch your own eLearning company.

5. Choose the Employee Training Software that's One-stop Solution for All Your Needs

Consider your options if you are forced to use many apps for different tasks, such as creating programs, tracking meals, making payments, and building online courses! You should try to simplify your procedures and use fewer instruments to maximize your time and eliminate pointless difficulties. 

For this reason, you should search for personal training software that includes all the features you require to complete the task at hand or as near it as possible.

When choosing an employee training platform, spare some time to think about the above little time-sucking tasks and choose a platform that handles all your tasks, gives you desired output, and lets you grow your business without hassle. That's how you will start to get your money's value, since you may use the time you save to sell additional services to clients or earn money from them.

6. Choose the Employee Training Software that fosters Organization's Growth 

The ways in which students receive their education have drastically changed with the advent of the modern tech. These days, even the most prestigious colleges in the world provide online courses, e-learning materials, online tests, etc.

Professionals can now work from home by developing engaging educational materials and posting them on well-known eLearning sites. 

Since our society is digital, it only makes sense to include online personal training in the menu of services. But how do you choose the best personal training software for you and your company when so many options are available?

Any organisation must have training. It aids businesses in achieving their aims and objectives. Businesses extensively spend on training since it increases output and boosts profitability. 

Empowering your staff is essential to laying the groundwork for a better future for your business. You may achieve that and meet your objectives more quickly with the aid of these employee training courses. 

Indeed, here we have discussed lots of training management software, all of which come with different features, but if you want to strike a balance between scalability, control, and cost, you should choose Edison OS


Create Your Free Training LMS with EdisonOS

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